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    格林娱乐注册"I'm really very sorry," said Henry. "I've never done such a thing before. It must seem very rude."


    Henry leant across the table to her.
    Spencer returned from his luncheon just as Harry was leaving.
    "What do you mean, Bunny?" asked Millie.


    1."Poor little thing! Poor little thing! Poor little thing!" He found that he was repeating the words aloud. . . . The lid of the kettle suddenly lifted. He made the tea and carried it into the other room. It was dark now, with the fog and the early evening. He switched on the light and then as she turned, making a slight movement of protest with her hand, he switched it off again. She sat up a little, catching at the cup, and then began to drink it with eager, thirsty gulps.
    2.She who had always been so proud and fearless was now full of fear. She knew that when he was not thwarted he was still[Pg 192] charming, ardent, affectionate, her lover—and so she did not thwart him.
    3."Don't be sentimental, my dear. Face facts. It would be extremely tiresome for you if I lived. You may not be in love with Peter but you like him very much, and there'll be nothing more awkward for you than having a sick woman lying round here——"
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